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We have job vacancies and we are looking for you

We offer jobs (male/female) at the Vintage Hotel Hoferer:

  • Breakfast personnel full-time or part-time
  • Cleaner in full and/or part-time
  • Cook full-time or part-time

Is this a deal for you? Dare to get the job!

If you are interested, please contact us with your name and contact details.

job vacancies

job vacancies
job vacanciesjob vacancies

Prerequisites – for your job with us: vacancies

  • We can imagine that you, as Chef,
    want to run a restaurant and/or a kitchen on your own. Here you also can rent the restaurant and the kitchen of our hotel!
  • Breakfast personnel: You should be able to prepare/prepare breakfast for our guests on your own. These include straightening the cheese and cold cuts, cutting bread and egg preparation. In addition, align the plates in the refrigerated counter and refill butter, jam, milk and orange juice if necessary. Guests can also help with the selection and preparation of coffee specialities and teas. For children, cook cocoa. While the guests are having breakfast, make sure that all breakfast ingredients are still available in sufficient quantities and fill up the breakfast buffet accordingly. At the end of breakfast, remove the dishes, clean the used tables and operate the dishwasher. Afterwards, cutlery and crockery must be put in the cupboards.
  • Cleaner personnel: No special training is needed: every morning we discuss what to do in the hotel (e.g. vacuuming the floor, cleaning the bathroom, clearing and purchasing beds, wiping dust, cleaning windows and frames, polishing cupboards and wiping them inside, clearing and cleaning dishes in the dishwasher, pouring plants, etc.). These are domestic activities that anyone can do without any problems, but require a certain amount of care. If you can operate an ironing machine, it would be very nice.
    For this job, we can imagine that we can train you at short notice.

Please contact us if you feel addressed by the vacancies and have a corresponding qualification or are happy to get involved! Then we should first inform each other, also with regard to remuneration.